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Steel Tubular Poles
Steel Tubular Poles

Steel Tubular Poles

Utkarsh India Limited manufactures superior quality Steel Tubular Poles or Swaged Steel Tubular Poles, conforming to IS-2713/80 (Part 1 to 3). These steel tubular poles come with strength and stability to withstand torsional stress offering minimum wind resistance and perfect elasticity to take all kinds of shocks, cyclones, thrust line breakages, etc. Swaged steel tubular poles are designed and customized to meet the versatile demands of architects, engineers, planners and more for power distribution, illumination, signage and other diverse needs.

Quality & Testing

Steel Tubular Poles or swaged tubular poles are hot-dip galvanized with coating thickness as per BS EN ISO: 1461 (BS 729)/ IS 4759 and a minimum zinc coating range is from 65 μ - 86 μ as per requirement.

Inspection and test plans are specially customized for each product to ensure superior quality at every step with in-house testing facilities to carry out tests like Drop Test, Deflection Test, Permanent Set Test and other tests as per requirement.


Material Mild Steel (Fe-410, Fe-540 )
Standards IS 2713/80 (Part 1 to 3)
Design 410SP - 1 to 410SP - 80
Application Distribution, Transmission and Illumination, etc.
Colour MS and Zinc Coated poles are given
Length (7 meter to 16 meter) as per specifications attached
Production Capacity 2,50,000 Poles Per Year.