Balanc(Inc) Work-Life

According to a recent, interesting survey on work-life balance by, more than half of the surveyed working professionals — 45% of whom were from non-metro cities in India — rated their current work-life balance average to terrible.  67% of the surveyed working professionals found it difficult to completely switch off from work – when not at work. Contrary to popular perception of technology being an enabler, one-third of young professionals conceded that technology was in fact a hindrance in managing work and family commitments! The survey highlighted certain pertinent, consequent issues ranging from stressed personal relationships to work-related and stress related ailments.

 CXO Life has always endeavoured to bring forth stories inspiring balance and we aspire (and perspire) to connect, engage and amplify influential voices through our dedicated platform. As a part of our latest series of conversations around work-life balance, we plan to frequently showcase opinions of HR Directors, Founders, CXOs on what according to them construes work-life balance and how they try to achieve it – personally as well as for the company. We present our first such edition by two leaders from very different domains.


“Employees invariably have Stable Relationships with Management when they feel a Sense of Ownership over their Lives”

– Utkarsh Bansal, Director of Business Strategies at Utkarsh India

We live in a society which is on 24/7. The lines demarcating work and home have blurred because of our capacity to stay connected around the clock. It is arduous to be present with your family when you are glued to your phone, checking emails or text messages from work. People who are challenged with time need to prioritise carefully. It is important to define one’s idea of balance. It would be ideal if we were able to allot eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep and the remaining eight to pursue our passions.

I believe that business is bound to benefit if you feel good at home. Pursuing interesting hobbies outside of daily work can be a source of inspiration, energy and ideas.

At Utkarsh India, we urge employees to discover things in their domestic routine that can be a source of mastery and satisfaction, whether it is home repair projects, preparing a meal for family or merely spending quality time with their kids. Since its inception, we have aimed to maintain a healthy environment for all our employees.

We have observed that employees tend to have stable relationships with the management when they feel a sense of ownership and control over their lives. We believe balanced employees always feel less stressed and more motivated which increases the company’s productivity and also lessens the disagreements among the co-workers.

Work-life balance isn’t about separation – it is about consolidation. You don’t get a home life and a work life. You only get one and you need to make the most of it!