The Untapped Potentials of the Indian pipe Industry

To me, the pipe industry in India holds enormous growth potential which is still untapped till date. I have grown up around this business and have seen the evolution of the Indian pipe industry. Companies have realized the future prospects and the industry has witnessed increasing growth year on year. One of the major drivers for the growth has been the Indian government’s focus on agriculture and irrigation sector. Apart from the government’s initiatives, the rise in demand from real estate and oil & gas sector is playing a key role in the growth chart of the industry.

There are mainly three popular varieties pipes available in market- concrete, plastic, and steel. Amongst the three, steel pipes and plastic pipes are more sought after in the domestic as well as global market. Plastic pipes are generally used as fire sprinklers, water pipes, drainage set-ups, and irrigation systems. Steel pipes are used mainly for long distance transportation purposes especially in the case of oil and gas.

The Global Market for Steel Pipes

Within the country, the demand for pipes is majorly attributed to irrigation, sewage, and liquid transportation segments. Internationally, several upcoming pipeline project investments are planned to overcome the shortfall in the supply of the pipes. These upcoming projects are expected to increase the opportunities in the global pipe industry many folds. In the steel pipe segment, we are already getting higher demand for structural pipes specially the Galvanised Iron (GI) pipes. Owing to its standard chemical and mechanical specifications, GI pipes are in great demand for transmission of oil and gas, sewage pipes, water supply systems, structural support etc. The market for GI pipes is expanding many folds with the mounting need for oil & gas transportation.  It is predicted that the major demand for steel pipes would come from Gulf countries and Asia. Also, US is also being considered as an emerging market for replacement demands.

After Europe and Japan, India ranks among the top three manufacturing hubs in the global pipe industry. India also extensively exports pipes to countries like US, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, the Middle East, and Indonesia. India is a preferred destination for export of pipes owing to its competitive pricing, high quality and location advantage.

Quality assurance is one of the major demand drivers in the international market and we have ensured the best quality products since the beginning. The international quality certifications such as ISO, BSI, EN, AS, ALS, etc. are helping us win global customers. For steel pipes, our 7 tank operation system, galvanization process, and zinc coating along with automatic loading through mechanized cranes, color coding for distinction and top class product packaging makes us stand out in the business.

We are also reaping benefits of the easy port connectivity from Kolkata and Haldia ports. This gives us a geographical advantage and also reduces the transportation cost to keep our prices competitive. After establishing ourselves as one of the leading infrastructural product manufacturers in India, we are all set to take over the international market. We have already marked our presence in countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Qatar, UAE, and Denmark among others.

Opportunities for Polymer Pipe Industry

The PVC pipes have captured a greater share in the market because of its sturdiness and superior quality. In India, about 70% of the demand for plastic pipes is expected to come from the agricultural sector. The other 30% would be from the non- agricultural segments such as construction plumbing and sewage systems. Equally increased demand for these pipes across the globe is majorly due to forthcoming replacement projects.

To cater to the domestic as well as international demands for PVC, we have established the 1st fully automated manufacturing plant in Eastern India. We already are a pioneer in the manufacturing of CPVC, UPVC, SWR, HDPE and agri-molding fittings and are constantly innovating to bring new products to our customers. To bring the best end products for our users we are uncompromising on quality right from the procurement of the raw materials till the on-time delivery of the products. To conform to the international standards we constantly upgrade ourselves with the latest changes in the technology.

In view of robust government plans, major global projects, replacement needs in the foreign market, this is the right time for Indian manufacturers to tap the under-penetrated pipe industry. The increasing focus of government towards agriculture as well as housing will be the major demand driver for the Indian pipe industry in the coming future. Urbanization will create the demand with rising construction and building of infrastructure. In the wake of expected exponential growth of the pipe industry, stringent quality controls, international standard certifications, and technological advancements are the only tools with which a company can outwit the competitors in the industry.