Carrying Forward A Legacy Of Infrastructure

“With great power comes great responsibility” and for me, the responsibility weighs even heavier since I am carrying a legacy that my father has built over the years. I have grown up witnessing the company’s transformation from simply being a pipes manufacturer to becoming one of the leading infrastructural products manufacturers in our country. The challenge for me is not only to maintain the company’s reputation but also to take to it to newer heights.

Becoming a leader through inheritance has its own pitfalls. One has to deal with a constant pressure to prove their individual merit. When a family member takes over an important role in an organization he or she is expected to have fundamental information and understanding of the business. But there is a learning curve involved initially and it requires hand-holding to a certain extent. Usually, this orientation does not exist for inheritor which makes the induction jittery. For me, the adaptation was smooth with the support from my family members as well as the members of our organization. Also, the stint with startups at the beginning of my career has helped a lot in developing deeper insights into the business operation.

My father represents the strong traditional foundation of our company and I assist him with the modern manufacturing techniques and smart factory concepts. My goal is to align our business strategy and vision through reliance on the Industry 4.0 approach to become a global leader in the manufacturing of infrastructural products. Our products are already being accepted across the globe and we are gradually establishing ourselves in the international export market.

Quality assurance has been our forte since the beginning and our R&D team is constantly working on innovating ways to bring world-class quality products to our customers. We are now focusing on customer-centric product innovation and incorporating customer insight into the development and improvement of our products. Our passion for innovation is aligned with the company’s vision of delivering top- quality products which are reasonably priced. We are adopting the latest trends and incessantly evolving to outsmart our competitors. In the future, we plan to extend our global reach with our innovative product line and unmatched quality.